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The return of Jeff Hahne's Homebrew

A closer look at the 15 songs comprising CL's local music compilation



Check out the 15 songs included on this sixth volume of Jeff Hahne's Homebrew — either by downloading or streaming the songs, or by using the Layar app in the pages of the Dec. 5 edition to hear the music on your phone. Below, find out more information about the bands and the meaning behind each song.





MEMBERS: Joe Diaco, April Diaco

FORMED: 2006

MEANING BEHIND THE SONG: "You can run from people and places that you think don't care about you," Joe Diaco says, "but eventually you'll have to come back and face the consequences of your actions to make amends."



SONG TITLE: "Where Have All the Bad Times Gone?"

BAND MEMBERS: Slade Baird, Adam Phillips, Craig Lentz

FORMED: 2011

MEANING BEHIND THE SONG: "Maybe the bad times weren't so bad after all," says Slade Baird.

The Business People


SONG TITLE: "Wood Floors"

MEMBERS: Nic Robinson, Anthony Pugliese, Will Schoonmaker, Jack Schulte

FORMED: March, 2010

STORY/MEANING BEHIND THE SONG: According to Will Schoonmaker, the track is about falling for someone at a live concert. It combines instrumental inspiration from Silversun Pickups and Minus the Bear.

Center of the Sun


SONG TITLE: "Reckless Sea"

MEMBERS: Rick Contes, Ally Hoffmann, Benjamin Gascho, Joe Elmore, Christopher Nolen

FORMED: 2010

MEANING BEHIND THE SONG: "The song is a reaction to the habits we have or persons in our lives that spread a kind of chaos," says Rick Contes. "We recognize these things as unhealthy but we can't help sometimes giving in to the allure."

Colby Dobbs Band


SONG TITLE: "Overload"

MEMBERS: Colby Dobbs, David J. Sentendrey, Mark Eckert, Marcus Harmon, Charlie Trexler

FORMED: 2010

STORY/MEANING BEHIND THE SONG: "An ongoing joke we have is the phrase, 'No names, please,'" says Colby Dobbs. "It's actually in the credits on our album, where we thank those who the songs were written about. 'Overload' is a risqué tune about a younger man 'experiencing' an older woman."



SONG TITLE: "We Were Once Young"

MEMBERS: Jeremy Davis, Ben Haney, Stephen Narron, John Nipe, Dan Bourdeau, Maggie Bourdeau

FORMED: 2008

STORY/MEANING BEHIND THE SONG: "I have written quite a few songs about the fight to live the life you want and the struggle to get there," says Jeremy Davis. "This is another one of those. I actually came up with the idea for the song after thinking about someone who I have played music with a lot who had recently taken a job that would make it nearly impossible for them to pursue their musical dreams. Even though I thought it was about them, it is always a lot of myself in every song in the end."

Forever FC


SONG TITLE: "Warning"

MEMBERS: SchylerChaise, HighImRy, Jimmy Kelso, Lute

FORMED: 2012

STORY/MEANING BEHIND THE SONG: According to Forever FC's manager Amy Bugoudi, this is the first track featuring all four members of Forever FC. "While all solo artists, the members of Forever FC collaborate as a collective, frequently featuring on each other's tracks and performing together. This song is a call to the hip-hop industry, letting it know that 'FC Gang' is a force to be respected and they are all on their way to make their mark as quality artists, not just one-hit wonders."



SONG TITLE: "Untitled"

MEMBERS: Wyley Buck Boswell, Ricky Culp, Korey Dudley, Justin Aswell Blackwood

FORMED: 2009

STORY/MEANING BEHIND THE SONG: "This was one of the first four songs we wrote when it was just a duo and before we'd even decided on a name," says Wyley Buck Boswell. "We played it for a couple of years as a trio but when Justin joined the group, he 'finger-drummed' the hand-percussion sounds on maschine and added in the crazy sounds in the song's climactic finale, giving the song a whole new life. This song usually always surprises folks at our shows, as it is not nearly as heavy as much of our output and is arguably quite danceable."

Dustin Hofsess f. Jim Brock


SONG TITLE : "And The Children Danced"

MEMBERS: Dustin Hofsess (pictured above), Jim Brock

FORMED: 2012

STORY/MEANING BEHIND THE SONG: "This is a song influenced by my love of African music," says Dustin Hofsess. "Artists such as Mamar Kassey, Hassan Hakmoun, Tama, Mulatu Astatke and Fela Kuti inspired this composition."

Late Bloomer


SONG TITLE: "Reality"

MEMBERS: Scott Wishart, Neil Mauney, Josh Robbins

FORMED: 2011

STORY/MEANING BEHIND THE SONG: "'Reality' is based on Kurt Vonnegut's book, Breakfast of Champions," says Josh Robbins. "Mostly Kilgore Trout's belief that one day Vonnegut will end his universe, or not being able to grasp emotions and 'reality.'"

Modern Primitives


SONG TITLE: "Cruel Stranger, Bold Villian"

MEMBERS: Phillip Gripper, Darien Steege, Travis Phillips

FORMED: 2011

STORY/MEANING BEHIND THE SONG: According to Phillip Gripper, this track is about "falling in and out of love with a man-eating woman."

Scowl Brow


SONG TITLE: "Tell me Now"

MEMBERS: Justin Driscoll, Robby Hale, Joshua Taddeo

FORMED: 2011

STORY/MEANING BEHIND THE SONG: Justin Driscoll says this song is about "sex, drugs and abortion."

Maddie Shuler


SONG TITLE: "Running Back"

STORY/MEANING BEHIND THE SONG: "This song is about finding your home and finding your peace within yourself," says Maddie Shuler. "It's about exploring and taking in the beauty of the world around you, but within that, remembering to stay grounded."

Styles and Complete


SONG TITLE: "Jungle Spaceships"

MEMBERS: Austin Haines, Alex Steins

FORMED: 2011

STORY/MEANING BEHIND THE SONG: "When we made it," says Austin "DJ Complete" Haines, "we felt like it came off very futuristic-sounding and some of the synths sounded animal-like. So, we had the inspiration to call it 'Jungle Spaceships.' Actually, we came up with a music video concept off of the idea as well."

Mr. Invisible w/ Elevator Jay


SONG TITLE: "Souler System"

MEMBERS: Justin "Aswell" Blackwood and Blake "Ill-Use" Matthews as Mr. Invisible (pictured above); James Blackmon III as Elevator Jay

FORMED: 2005

STORY/MEANING BEHIND THE SONG: "This song is about letting loose and vibing out to new sounds," says Elevator Jay. "Stepping out of normal ways and exploring the opposite; stepping away from the walls and on to the dance floor."

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