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Who and/or what will be big in 2007? We know!


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Charlotte has a secret. While the mainstream may only know us for our Panthers and banking, there is an intelligent underground in town that gets overlooked in the mega-sports haze. You may not have heard of Main Street Rag, but it is one of the few literary publishing companies in the Queen City. While most readers tend to ignore anything that isn't recommended by Oprah, Main Street Rag is daring to publish the poetry, short fiction, essays and cartoons that aren't the going to be in paperback next to the magazines at Wal-Mart any time soon.

The South has always been home to gutsy, earthy, and risqué writers, a tradition that struggles to continue today. Main Street Rag gives the future Faulkners of Charlotte a voice and puts us on the literary map, as authors from all over the world send in submissions to MSR. Publisher M. Scott Douglas releases the magazine Main Street Rag in several large chain stores across the nation (such as Books-a-Million and Borders), and several local independent bookstores (like Park Road Books).

If you are looking for a printing press for that novel you wrote one steamy summer on the coast, Main Street Rag is also a bindery, and can aid writers seeking to distribute their next great American novel. Main Street Rag is featured in the Poet's Market, (a valuable resource for aspiring writers) and accepts submissions for short literary works from freelance writers, as well as photography and artwork. (Guidelines for submissions are available at

With a poetry contest offering a prize of $500 and publication in May, and a worldwide contest for best book at the end of January (better start writing!), expect big things from this little rag in 2007.

-- Natalie Howard

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