The Pharmacy, Modern Primitives, The Orchidales

When: Fri., Nov. 30 2012

The Pharmacy Seattle trio The Pharmacy are like a leftover from a '60s garage-rock trip. Rocking lo-fi sounds, the lads relish in the trippy era, sometime evoking early Rolling Stones, while other times channeling killer psych-garage bands like the Lyres and Redd Kross. In the song "Pines," the singer mumbles "I get the sense that the present tense is where I should reside." Not so fast, as where they do reside, musically, is a pretty cool place. The band's new recording, Stoned & Alone, should be on the streets by the time they roll into town. They continue honing the stuttering, tinny guitars, swirling keyboards and spare, yet feisty percussion, where the quirky ditties oft convulse into a noisy mess. Hey, maybe that's the point.

Samir Shukla

Price: $5/$7