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The Non Profit Industrial Complex With Kristy Lovich

We discuss the business of homelessness. Poverty pimps.


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I discovered Kristy Lovich on Twitter calling out the non-profit world and the local politicians in here native Los Angeles.  We talk about working with the unhoused, the paternalistic approach to treating unhoused people, and the law enforcements over involvement with people facing mental illness.

Some organizations that can use your support:

Ground Game LA


Streetwatch LA

Services Not Sweeps

Meztli Projects

Echo Park Rise Up

Mountain House: A collective that practices radical stewardship of land, relationships, and culture (on-going tent fund/unsetttling the commons)

The Revolution Will Not Be Funded…l-not-be-funded

Unhousing the Poor: Interlocking Regimes of Racialized Policing
Ananya Roy, UCLA Luskin Institute on Inequality and Democracy
Terra Graziani, The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, Los Angeles
Pamela Stephens, UCLA Luskin Institute on Inequality and Democracy

Link to PDF:…e-poor/

The paper, prepared for The Square One Project’s Roundtable on Justice Policy, is part of the Institute’s ongoing research on racial banishment, the expulsion of Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities from our cities through criminalization, policing, and forced removal. With a focus on Los Angeles, the paper examines three regimes of racialized policing: the criminalization of the unhoused, nuisance abatement lawsuits (specifically the Citywide Nuisance Abatement Program, or CNAP), and the forfeiture of public housing. Since this is a paper written for a project concerned with the “social contract,” it concludes with a framework of rights, including “right to remain.” But as this national moment of reckoning in the United States has made vividly clear, such a right cannot be established without dismantling the role of racialized policing in maintaining propertied order. By bringing to light the many forms of spatial illegalization that are constitutive of racial banishment, the research presented in the paper makes a contribution to the ongoing work of housing justice.

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