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The New York Five among this week's comic reviews



This week, I've got a few more quick reviews of comics I've been reading lately. Boo-ya:

The New York Five No. 1: I guess it would be unfair to compare The New York Five to Sex and the City. But the fact is, the comic is about four (well, five) women trying to make it in New York City; however, unlike Carrie and her Manolo Blahnik-wearing gang, this group of ladies is relatively broke. On top of that, their problems are a lot more "real world" — so, don't be on the lookout for any Mr. Big types. All that said, New York Five is an engrossing read. I never read the graphic novel this series is based on (The New York Four), but it didn't take me long to get sucked in by the characters and their situations. In addition, the art is crisp and highly detailed. One problem with the comic: It should have been in color. I'm actually a fan of black-and-white books, and I understand the economics of printing in color, but this particular title would have benefited from a little four-color pop.

New Mutants No. 21: With this issue, writer Zeb Wells wraps up his run on the mutant-themed comic he revived. Wells' stint on the book has been marred by some inconsistent art and poorly timed crossover events, but this last arc (drawn entirely by the talented Leoonard Kirk) really got the series back on track. And, in this story line's conclusion, Wells puts all the pieces back in good working order. I'm not sure who's taking over the book next (after the big "Age of X" crossover is over, that is), but the exiting creative team has provided a perfect jumping on point.

Guarding the Globe No. 3: OK, this book sucks. I really wanted to like Robert Kirkman's internationally flavored super team, but this crap they've been churning (late, I might add) is just too damned silly. I can't see myself picking up another issue. Bleh.

Captain America No. 614: And this latest issue of Cap proves that the new Captain America (Bucky Barnes) is an idiot. It also seems kind of familiar. Haven't I read this story already? How many villains have yanked Bucky's chain so far? How many times will the Falcon and the Black Widow be kidnapped? It's getting old, Marvel.

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