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The nekked trooth



I am disturbd by the naked pic bribing you openly admittd & encouraged in yr column. It reveals yr favoritism/elitism system & yr corruptd nature! You dont need critics to discredit yr "advice." you done it yrslf. You are Mr Sanctimoney!


I am disturbd by yr splling.

But I cannot tell a lie: Enclosing a nude pic — good nude, bad nude, boy nude, girl nude — can get my attention. But it won't automatically get a letter into the column, 509. Letters with naked pics arrive in my inbox every day. I could run nothing but letters from readers who were kind and/or cruel enough to enclose pics of themselves, their partners, their welts, their rashes, etc., week-in, week-out, 52 weeks a year. And the recent letter from the dude who enclosed pics was the first letter from a pic-encloser that I've used in ages.

So cut me some slack.

That said, slogging through hundreds of e-mails a day can get tedious. The odd pic or two — doesn't even have to be you — brightens the day and lightens the workload. So pics are always welcome.

And if you don't like it, 509, I suppose you could file charges with the professional body that governs my so-called profession ... if there were a professional body that governed my so-called profession. But there isn't, so suck it, take pics, and send 'em in.

I've been with my husband for nearly eight years. When we met, he weighed about 140 pounds, which wasn't bad on his five-feet-ten frame. Since then, he's ballooned to 230 pounds! I know I should just be a grown-up and tell him that it would improve our sex life if he lost the weight. The problem is this: I am a recovering anorexic. My husband knows and has been nothing short of wonderful, understanding, and caring about it since the beginning. Due to my issues, he would never make a disparaging comment about my weight — so how can I make one about his? But his weight is killing my desire for him! It feels so horrible and shallow to say, but I just want to be fucked by someone who isn't so fat. He's great in every other aspect, except for his weight. I'm at the point where I'm about to take up an invitation from an ex in town for the weekend just so I can have sex with someone who doesn't have a belly.

Is it wrong for me to ask my husband to lose the weight after everything I've put him through with my own issues?

Former Annie-Rexic

Presumably, your husband wouldn't hesitate to speak up if you began starving yourself to death again, FAR, so I don't — in my condition — see why you shouldn't hesitate to speak up now that he's eating himself to death. Unless, of course, that would tear open your food-related wounds.

So speak up. Thank him, once again, for the way he's supported your efforts to keep the weight on and explain how you're going to support his efforts to take the weight off.

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