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The Music Issue: 13 people who help keep Charlotte's scene alive and well



We can't list everyone. We want to, but we just can't. When we first started compiling a roster of people who make Charlotte's music scene what it is, the list quickly grew to more than 75 people. So, we decided instead to focus on a solid dozen who do a lot outside of the spotlight. But we couldn't let one of these go, so here we are at lucky 13.

The people we chose are those who go above and beyond any expectations, daily jobs or band demands to make Charlotte a better place, sonically. Whether it's creating a weekly/monthly event, promoting a much-ignored niche, making Charlotte more welcoming to out-of-town acts or simply focusing eyes anywhere other than on themselves.

These folks deserve to have the spotlight turned back around on all the hard work they're doing, and we're happy to do it.

Beth Rennie

Don and Laurie Koster

Bill Hanna

Charles Holloman

Jermaine Spencer

Giovanni Gonzalez

Nathan Smalls

Dane Abernathy

Shamus Coneys

Wyley Buck Boswell

Scott Blackwood

Tammy Greene

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