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The Man and the Mythos

Plus, grabbed gear and two of the Busch


After more than a decade, uptown's Mythos will close its doors with a massive blowout on June 19, 2004. After first opening on 6th and College Streets in December 1993, it was the flagship for an uptown scene that seemed ripe for growth, provided it found the right anchor. Co-owner and DJ Andy Kastanas helped fill the club over the years with names like Junior Vasquez, Paul Oakenfold, Jellybean Benitez, Sasha & Digweed, Danny Tenaglia, and Paul Van Dyk. Prince visited the place, as did Cyndi Lauper, Bill Maher and RuPaul. There are said to be no current plans to fill the space formerly occupied by Mythos, but for the final night, the club will feature Kastanas on turntables in the main room (the event will open to the public at 11pm). "We owe everything to the people who supported this club for so many years. This party is our chance to say thanks," said Kastanas. ... Dynamo Dresden, a Welsh act featuring one-time Charlottean Tara Busch, will be throwing a CD release party for their upcoming full length release, Remember, on Saturday June 19 at the Steeple Lounge. Tara's brother Todd Busch will open the show with an acoustic set, and Maf Raygun from Dynamo Dresden will DJ post-show. Special bonus Busch news: The Busch siblings are currently in the midst of recording a new project together...The legendary ANTiSEEN are releasing a 20-year-spanning retrospective book on August 13, ANTiSEEN: Destructo Maximus (Steel Cage Books). In addition, the group will also be releasing a combo CD/DVD, One Live Son Of A Bitch, on September 4. Destructo Maximus is a wonderful read for anyone who's ever followed the band, or ever wondered about their QC (and worldwide) infamy in the first place. Boasting a comprehensive collection of interviews, press reviews (including some from Creative Loafing), 30+ pages of color and black and white photos, an extensive flyer/poster gallery and comprehensive lyrics, it's 250+ pages of blood-spurting goodness. Visit or for more...Local music teacher/producer/musician Dustin Hofsess recently had gear stolen from his teaching studio at the Guitar Workshop. Instruments include an early 70s Fender Jazz bass with EMG pickups and a Hipshot D-tuner (serial number S8849940), an early 90s G&L Legacy, Strat-style with sperzal tuners (G030484), a 1979 Gibson ES-347 (T0519030) and a 1987 Taylor 610 acoustic (4804). If you have seen one or all of them or would like to see a picture, call Hofsess at 704-578-3936 or email [email protected]. ...Bluebird's acclaimed blues reissue series When The Sun Goes Down -- The Secret History of Rock & Roll is releasing a new title, featuring many tunes recorded in Charlotte in the late 30s and early 40s. Titled East Virginia Blues -- The Appalachian Roots of the Blues, the album features C-town recorded classics like "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" (The Monroe Brothers), "Constant Sorrow" (The Hall Brothers), "Short Life And It's Trouble" (Wade Mainer & Zeke Morris), "She's a Hum Dum Dinger (From Dingersville)" (Jimmie Davis), and "That Nasty Swing" (Cliff Carlisle). Go to for more...The Belmont Playboys' Mike Hendrix has a new band, The Painkillers. Featuring Hendrix' brother Jeff on bass, Jimmy King (Aqualads) on guitar and Darrell Ussery (Aqualads, Lou Ford) on drums. The band is playing every other Wednesday in June (the 16th, the 30th) at the Double Door Inn. Hendrix describes the band as "pretty much the same thing as the Belmont Playboys always did, because I really only know how to do the one thing. Whatever it is." Find out more at Six Conspiracy has called it quits. Send flowers/condolences to or Avett Brothers are headed to Nashville this week to play the Country Music Fan Fair. Later in the month they will be in Music City for a whole week of promotion from June 27th-July 3rd, highlighted by an appearance on the June 29th Billy Block Western Beat Radio Show...And finally, Jon Teague has opened a new venue in Concord, NC, called the Back Alley Music Hall and Sandwich Shop. The live performance space will include a small stage, a house PA and will hold about 90 people. E-mail Jon at [email protected] or [email protected].

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