The Luciferian Agenda

When: Wed., Oct. 10 and Wed., Oct. 17 2012

LUCIFERIAN AGENDA Robert Childers is the propulsive force behind this ensemble, and though he splits his time playing guitar and beating on various drums, it appears the cloven-hoofed one’s agenda is defiantly a percussive one. That’s one of the ways the burly drummer for 2013 Wolves and Overmountain Men (among others) describes this project’s music — though I lean toward Apocalyptic Gospel, just because this feels like something that’ll be playing when shit goes all Lord of the Flies eventually. Joined by Andy Fenstermaker (aka the Doorbum), Wyley Buck Boswell (Hectagons, Appalucia) and a host of other stompers, pounders and hollerers, Childers’ narratives are not for the faint of heart. Acid trips, obsessive love and other weed-spiked topical fare is the order of the day, though colored by palpable undercurrents of ol’ time religion — as in fire-and-brimstone damnation — lurking beneath the narratives. Banjo, saw, fiddle, contrabass and even melodica provide eerie melodies or add to the percussive din, and you half expect all this to go on in front of a bootleggers’ backwoods still. But you cannot take your eyes from it, and the beats will capture your soul. This is the next-to-last night of their residency, and recorded music is in the works.

John Schacht

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