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The long-awaited Blackest Night



Blackest Night No. 1

Published by DC Comics. Written by Geoff Johns. Pencils by Ivan Reis. Inks by Oclair Albert.

The Deal: It's the first issue of DC's long-awaited, Green Lantern-centric, mega crossover. And when I say "long-awaited," I mean "long-awaited." Writer Geoff Johns has been setting up this story -- which introduces a new group of "Black" Lanterns and raises a ton of deceased characters from the dead -- for years. And now the tale, in the form of an eight-issue limited series, is finally here.

The Good: Say what you want about Johns, but it's evident when reading this first issue that he knows how to craft a big story. Several other recent mega comic yarns have made the mistake of starting things out in a sedate way. But Johns sets the story up and then gets to the action. I've been so underwhelmed by other "event" comics over the last few years that I was pretty much thinking nothing would happen in this issue aside from a lot of talk. Lucky for us readers, Johns decided not to tease us and delivers a number of shocking developments out the gate. On the art side of things, Ivan Reis brings the goods as well with a style that seems to blend the best parts of Carlos Pacheco with the best parts of Rags Morales.

The Bad: There were a few strange story points that seemed to contradict continuity a bit, but anything I say will spoil the story ... so I'll keep it to myself this week.

The Verdict: This is what Secret Invasion and Final Crisis should have been. Yeah, I said it! Buy Blackest Night.

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