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The Loaf Wins Four Awards

Not only are they stunningly attractive, they're kick-ass writers as well. We actually have proof to back up the second claim. Creative Loafing won four awards this year from the North Carolina Press Association. They were handed out last week in Chapel Hill at the 2001 NCPA Awards presentation. The winners, and the judge's comments, are as follows:

Sam Boykin won first place in New Feature Writing for "The Human Face of Piedmont Courts." Judge's comments: News stories on policy can ramble for pages -- but who are the people behind them? Boykin answers that question in a heartfelt, compelling manner. Highly enjoyable, interesting reading." Boykin also won second place in General News Reporting for "The New Nuclear Fallout." Judge's comments: "Boykin covers it all, an in-depth look at Duke Energy's plan -- the surplus plutonium disposition program. The lead sets the stage. The objectivity capturing both sides of the issue allows Duke to answer concerns from an environmental agency. Good, clean writing -- even I understood this complex issue."

Tim Davis won second place in Sports Feature Writing for "Diamond Anniversary," about the 100th anniversary of pro baseball in Charlotte. Judge's comment: "As thorough a story as I've ever read. Description. Description. Description. Looking-back stories are not easy to do. This one is done well."

Tara Servatius won second place in News Enterprise Reporting for "Left In The Lurch," a story about a lack of police officers in a troubled neighborhood. Judge's comments: "By talking to local officials, affected residents and even a crack addict, Servatius showed readers a side of life they normally wouldn't see."*

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