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The leading Global Psychedelic Wellness Company, Delic Corp.



Matt Stang is the Founder and CEO of Delic Corp. He was an Owner and Operator of High Times, the most recognized brand in Cannabis, for 17 years prior to its sale to a private equity fund, and during that time he helped legalize Cannabis in multiple states, launched the Cannabis Cup in America, and helped build the legal cannabis industry. As one of the most connected people in the Alternative Drug space, he & his wife Jackee founded DELIC two years ago as one of the first ever psychedelic wellness companies. They have built an impressive team of highly skilled business leaders.

Delic Corp is a first of its kind global psychedelic wellness company working towards treating mental health issues and helping people get well using psychedelic medicines. “We believe very strongly that psychedelic wellness is the future of helping people with mental health issues. It can be as deep as treatment resistant depression to people who use daily micro dosing for energy or social anxiety. We are here to help mainstream these alternative substances that have been pushed around. Ending the negative and hurtful war on drugs. We believe there are incredible tools out there that can help people, that they currently don’t have access to. We really stand for helping people get well.””- Matt Stang 

As a company they have built a eco system that takes people from discovery to understanding these psychedelic compounds & how they benefit the brain. Reality Sandwich is a media website to go to learn more about psychedelic wellness. They have an events company called Meet Delic. Delic recently acquired chain of ketamine wellness clinics. Ketamine is currently the only psychedelic therapy approved by the FDA. Patients are seeing great results, & the studies show that this therapy is working up to 18X better than traditional western medicine. Ketamine & psilocybin are working wonders for mental health. 

Delic Corp also acquired a company CBDV that is focused on scientific research & developing novel modalities for therapeutic purposes.  

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