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CD Review: They might be giants



The Deal: Oddball alt-rock legends return with their 12th studio album.

The Good: TMBG might be tackling themes of love, but their unique way of addressing the issues isn't lost on their latest release. Their lyrics keep you listening for double meanings -- the story of getting rid of an ex-boyfriend in "Take Out the Trash." The band's been around for 20 years and show they still have the skill to write a hooky, catchy song. A bonus CD with 23 tracks is included with some copies.

The Bad: While the band hasn't lost their signature sound, the album still doesn't have the quirky fun of 1989's Flood. While there's a buzz around "The Mesopotamians," I didn't think it was anything special.

The Verdict: It's a better than some of their other works, but again, it's still not Flood. It's good to see the success of their Malcolm in the Middle theme song hasn't gone to their heads.

Idlewild; Release date: July 10, 2007

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