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The curse of 5th and Church


I 've lived in Charlotte for roughly four years, and within that duration, the venue on the corner of 5th and Church streets has changed four times.

My first night out in Charlotte, my friends took me to Twist, which was then a nightclub. Before I could even go again, the sign at Twist changed from "Nightclub" to "Sports Bar" to "Out of Business." The sports bar Daddy's American Bar & Grill then opened in its place, but eventually struck out as well. And now, it's currently under construction to become a Scottish pub.

People have said that block is cursed. Let's not forget when Menage slash Belle's BBQ turned into HOM. Then HOM closed and became LaTorre's, Fiji and Kashmir. That three-story building has changed its image more than Madonna.

But that's also like saying I'm cursed because my relationships keep changing and going out of business. To say I'm cursed is a little dramatic -- I just pick the wrong partners to invest in.

Dating is, after all, like a business. A person applies and is interviewed via a first date. If I decide to hire him, I personally make him wait to be eligible for benefits ... and it's all performance-based.

Bars, like potential dating partners, are a dime a dozen in Charlotte. Perhaps those who have closed just didn't perform well enough to stay in the game.

Dannie Cloutier, the "pub-prietor" of the Scottish pub Molly MacPhersons, which also has two locations in Georgia and is slated to open in the summer, says he's heard about the curse and plans to lift it. And I believe he will. More so than I believe I'll ever get married.

For starters, it will fill a niche Charlotte doesn't have -- a Scottish pub. Cloutier, who is actually from Scotland, promises the largest selection of single malt Scotch whisky on the East Coast. And they're even going to have bag pipers on the weekends. And with The Dandelion Market now open, perhaps that block will have the luck of the Irish. As for me -- well, I'm still open for business.

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