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The Blotter


Big Bad Wolf: A man became angered when his mother continued to hold firm on her stance not to sell her house. When he did not get his way, the son threatened to burn the house down. He did not threaten to huff and puff.

Wanted: Charlotte Bobcat: A wily criminal broke into a Frito Lay van via a partially opened front window and made off with snacks valued at $100. Instead of fingerprints, police are on the lookout for orange Cheetos smudges.

This Means No Store Credit? A customer attempted to return a drill from a Lowe's home improvement store. The company's return policy, however, does not cover merchandise that was just removed from the store's shelves and never actually purchased. When the customer was told this, he attempted to leave the store with the $213 power tool. He was stopped.

The Poor Get Poorer: A man down on his financial luck filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Two men showed up at his home shortly afterwards, introducing themselves as members of a towing company, and telling him they were going to take away his Jeep Cherokee. The bankrupt man didn't realize the towers were imposters until he received a call from the finance company telling him they were going to be picking up his vehicle. Uh-oh.

Sticks And Sticks: Two men got into an argument that escalated into fisticuffs. The victim (loser of the fight) claimed the other man (the winner) chased him with a stick. The loser stated his left hand was hurt from the fight. In a separate incident, a person working at a car wash business in East Charlotte heard some glass breaking out of the rear door and saw a suspect walking away from the door with a stick. The suspect fled but returned to the scene of the crime by the time officers had arrived. He was arrested.

Talk, Talk: Unknown people broke into the Eastway supermarket and robbed the store of two boxes of fajita meat (130 pounds), seven boxes of shrimp (valued at $170) and $12,500 worth of five-minute phone cards.

Do You Bite Your Thumb At Me?: A man approached a 16-year-old and began to yell at him. Then he threw the teen's phone and hat, in an attempt to provoke him. The teen gathered his phone and hat, at which point the man began hitting the kid and pushed him to the ground.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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