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The Eagle Flies At Dawn: A clothing store reported five articles of clothing had been shoplifted. The suspects entered the store and dispersed themselves throughout. At a certain point, one yelled, "I have a trap jacket!" and all the sus/

Hi!: A 31-year-old female received harassing phone calls from an unknown suspect who repeated "hello" over and over, long after establishing a greeting. Other times the caller didn't say a word, choosing instead to breathe heavily into the phone. The woman is unfamiliar with the phone number and says she doesn't know anyone in that area code.

Kiddie Bike Karma?: A man parked his bike at a hotel and went inside to a room. When he got back, his bike was gone. The bike he had been cruising around on was a green Huffy made for a girl. In another crime that officers claim to be unrelated, a woman noticed a man walk into her yard, unlock the front gate, take a kid's bike and ride off down the street on it.

Phone Tag Harassment: A woman reported more than 20 harassing calls and text messages. But the text message she submitted as an example calls into question who the harasser really is. The message stated, "You sorry ass c---! What is it you don't get about not calling me? It's obvious by now that you will pay for each time you call. Keep your sorry life to yourself!" The woman claims to have no clue who the harasser is.

Second Amendment Advocacy: Intoxicated, a woman returned home from a night out on the town. But then she decided her night had ended prematurely and announced her intention to go back out. Her husband, knowing she takes a gun with her everywhere she goes, told her to leave the piece at home. When he tried to take it from her, the gun went off. The man had a burn on his hand where the muzzle flash struck him. Police arrived on the scene and removed a second gun from the residence and told the woman she could recover the weapon at a later, more sober date.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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