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Cruise on out: A Tom Cruise fan ran out of a video store with five DVD copies of War of the Worlds valued at $100, though in truth the video store might not have made that return on rentals. Cruise, however, made a reported $70 million on the film for signing a deal that included a profit percentage. If Hollywood Video buys more copies to replace the stolen ones, the thief essentially put a few more bucks into Cruise's deep, sagging pockets.

Poor OLD Neil: A police officer conducted a "knock and talk" at a house on a tip that a pot dealer named Neil lived there. A woman answered the door and invited the cop inside to wait for Neil, who would be returning shortly. A bong on top of the kitchen table where the officer was waiting clued him in that the tip might have some validity. Neil finally returned and his room was searched. Cops uncovered 64.1 grams of marijuana. Police also confiscated the bong, which may have just served as a table centerpiece.

mmmmmm...Beer: An armed robbery occurred at a gas station mart in the middle of the afternoon. Thieves took $1,220 and a 12-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon. Guess money doesn't change everything.

Under-nothing Cop: An undercover cop did his sleuthing at a sauna in the YMCA men's locker room recently. Apparently, though, the only cover the naked cop was under was a towel. The man the cop met in the sauna solicited him for oral sex and then began to masturbate. He was arrested by the towel-clad cop.

Foliage Fraud: A woman called police to report that someone had stolen her shrubs. The victim was confident the crime wasn't personal; the same location was robbed of shrubs two weeks earlier, the week before she moved in. The woman's considering planting heavier or pricklier foliage next time.

An Annoyed Salesman?: Enough was enough for a car dealer who received more than 150 harassing calls at his home in a span of a few months, usually between midnight and 6am. The man also received calls from the harasser's friends, inquiring about cars he had for sale. The chief harasser would then call back and say that the caller was her friend and had no intention of buying a vehicle. The car dealer also complained of being slandered at car auctions where both of the harassers often go.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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