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Stop or I'll screw you: Two suspects, one holding a screwdriver as a weapon, approached a man. The suspect with the screwdriver demanded money from the man. The man yelled at the potential robbers, who got scared and ran away.

The Vino is Serious: A Friday night dinner turned ugly when a 52-year-old woman poured her husband's wine down the sink. He slapped her in the face.

The Vino is Very Serious: On Saturday night, two people got into an argument over a bottle of wine they were sharing. One of the wine drinkers stabbed the other one in the left pectoral. The victim was taken to the hospital.

Two For One Special: A man walked into a downtown gas station and picked up two 12-ounce beers. He slid one in his pocket and paid for the other one at the counter. You've got to respect a man who comes up with his own sales.

Chilly Robber: An unknown person broke into a man's east Charlotte home, damaging the rear door. The homeowner, who had previously disconnected the power, returned after the break-in to find the power was now turned back on. The intruder turned the power on to warm himself by the stove. The stove was still on when the homeowner discovered the break-in.

What's in a Name?: A 35-year-old female employee of Golden Rule Group Home reported that a male on the premises turned abusive. According to the woman, he pushed her after becoming upset by the rules he was required to follow.

Crime of malice #1: In the midst of arguing with a man, a woman took the man's cell phone and dropped it into a jar of water. She proceeded outside to his car and ripped the turn signal lever off his car. The man will now have to use the crude system of signaling with his arms like a cyclist.

Crime of Malice #2: A woman reported that someone had chopped her garden hose into pieces. The hose was valued at $10.95.

Crime of Malice #3: Two women were sitting in their living room when a suspect entered and began throwing items against the wall. The suspect then took an open gallon of paint and splashed it all over the place -- the walls, carpet and television.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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