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Sticks and Stones ...: A sensitive 51-year-old man called police to report he was the victim of telephone harassment. Someone had called the man four times between 9:30am and noon. According to the report, the man stated his harasser was calling to say he was stupid.

... Will Break my Bones ... : A sensitive 54-year-old man called police to report he was the victim of a telephone threat. This guy's harasser told the man he was going to be history. The harasser must have been unaware there are much cooler, more intimidating and up-to-date ways to communicate a threat.

... But Words Will Never Hurt Me: A sensitive 32-year-old man called police to report he was the victim of a curious caller. This guy's harasser, a woman, wanted to know when and if the man had ever dated a certain female. The victim stated the harasser called him at least 10 times, even while he was completing the police report. We're wondering why he didn't just answer the question.

Laundering: A person, who was not a little child, threw a temper tantrum. Unfortunately for his female victim, the maniac was in proximity to a bottle of laundry detergent. He sprayed her and the room with the detergent, but that did not create the effect he had hoped. So he picked up the woman's antique clock and chucked it against the wall. The bleach managed to destroy a cordless phone.

Resourceful fighter: Two people were arguing when, like most fights that reach the Blotter, the verbal assault turned physical. The suspect began punching, scratching, biting and spitting on the victim. We're betting the suspect had rabies.

Pretty in Pink: A rich lady was about to board a flight from Charlotte to New York City but was suffering from drowsiness. She purchased a beverage at Starbucks, then boarded the plane. When she landed in New York, she realized she'd left her pink make-up bag in the coffee shop. The bag contained $2,000 in cash. It was gone by the time she reported it missing.

Prettier in Pink: On Saturday morning a business owner drove by his store to find it quite different from the way he left it the night before. Someone had blasted the storefront with a paintball gun. The gunner decided to use only pink pellets. The damage was estimated at $1,000.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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