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Cell-ular: While donating plasma a man dropped his cell phone. Another plasma donor asked an employee to hand him "his" cell phone. The oldest trick in the book worked. The man coolly walked out of the plasma services with the dropped phone.

Clean Split: A man called his significant other and told her to listen into the phone, as he was going to cut up her wedding dress. The woman listened in horror to sounds of clipping scissors and shredding fabric. Soon after, the man drove to her house, got out of the car and threw the remainder of the gown at the woman. He then called her over 450 times. The calls were of a harassing nature.

Food Crime 1: At six minutes before midnight an armed driver -- who probably missed dinner -- pulled up to a Bojangles for a poultry snack. Upon pulling around, he greeted the drive-thru cashier with a pistol and said, "Let me get that."

Food Crime 2: A woman showed up to work on Monday at Roly Poly to find out she did not work there anymore. The woman threw a fit. She began striking one Roly Poly employee in the shoulder with "a large woman's bag." The victim of the bag-whipping tried to push the woman's face back, but that only invited the terminated woman to try and choke her. A male employee intervened, but he was punched in the neck and scratched. The fired woman left by the time the police showed up.

Food Crime 3: A suspect used a counterfeit twenty-dollar bill to purchase an ice cream treat at Dairy Queen. In some crime circles ice cream is referred to as white gold.

Food Crime 4: A man entered a Petro Express and took a box of beef jerky and left without paying for it. The box of cured processed meat was valued at $42.84.

Food Related Crime: An unknown suspect stole from the front door of a residence two chef's jackets that had been delivered by UPS. The victims will be forced to cook in lowly aprons.

Grand Thefts: Over the weekend copper tubing was reported stolen from a business. It was valued at $28,000. And, a clothing store opened up shop Monday morning to find $74,000 of clothing stolen and another $56,000 of designer threads damaged.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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