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U-Die: A man returned a rented U-Haul and thought he had completed the transaction with the company. He returned home and received a phone call from a U-Haul employee telling him he would be charged extra for not filling up the gas tank. The man went back down to the U-Haul yard to pay the additional fee. While there, he informed the clerk that he did not care for the way he was being spoken to. The man returned home and received another phone call from the U-Haul clerk. The clerk said, "You're going to be dead when I'm done with you,"

U-Too: In a similar but unrelated incident the day before, this blotter writer rented a U-Haul truck and felt he was cheated out of $15. The signed contract stated the truck should be filled 3⁄4 full when returned, but the U-Haul had been rented out with less than half a tank. A U-Haul employee said the blotter writer was at fault for not noticing the gas level before leaving the truck yard. The blotter writer was also put off by the way he was spoken to by the U-Haul clerk, but fortunately refrained from saying anything about it. Otherwise he might be dead.

Unidentified Dirty object: A woman agreed to let her friend borrow her car. This turned out to be a bad idea. While the friend was driving, an unknown suspect threw a dirt ball at one of the windows, causing a crack.

Value at a Price: A man was shopping for a dresser in a Value City when he decided to create his own sale. He damaged the top of the dresser and then marked down the price on the tag. He found a sales representative and purchased the dresser at the new bargain price. Someone must have seen the scam because he was arrested at his home the next day and charged with larceny for price substitution and damage to property. The scuffed armoire was valued at $799.98. Ironically, Value City will now have to mark down the armoire to sell it.

Floats like a Butterfly. . . bites like Mike Tyson: An assault charge was filed by a man against an acquaintance of his. The man said he was engaged in an argument with the suspect when he was bitten in the left ear.

Chainsaw Massacre: While cutting down trees in his yard, a man got carried away. He wandered into his neighbor's yard and hacked through an oak tree and six other smaller trees.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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