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The Blotter

Cold-Cock Lampin': A volatile young woman lashed out at two other ladies, smashing a brass lamp over the head of one, pushing and threatened to kill the other. During the melee, a glass table was broken. The police report does not indicate what sparked the nasty catfight.

Bedtime for Bozo: A woman was awakened in the middle of the night when her ex-boyfriend crawled into bed with her. Earlier that evening she had repeatedly rebuked his requests to come over. Undeterred, the clueless Romeo apparently gained entry into his ex's apartment with a spare key. After arguing for several hours, the woman finally convinced the creepy sad sack to leave.

Tangled Up in You: A woman called 911 to report that her boyfriend had assaulted her. As she was talking to the 911 operator, the boneheaded boyfriend grabbed the phone away from her, pushed her to the ground and then reportedly grabbed her by the hair and "repeatedly pulled it in various directions." The police report indicates the loving couple, both 18, have lived together for five months.

Antique Freak: An antique store owner reported than a man entered his business carrying a large cardboard box. While the store owner looked on, the man casually walked through the store and placed several antique valuables in the cardboard box, then strolled out without paying. The police report indicates that the guy took nearly $3,000 worth of antique plates, bowls and other collectibles.

Red State: Police responded to a call about an assault on a female at a local pizza joint. When cops arrived, the 29-year-old victim explained what led to a 20-year-old punk with an outstanding warrant slapping her in the face. According to the victim, about a month earlier her roommate had befriended a guy named Red, who occasionally stopped by the apartment to hang out. On one occasion, Red asked if he could play on the victim's Play Station, a gift she had purchased for her daughter. The following day, the woman's daughter discovered her new Play Station had been switched with an older system that didn't work. A few days later, the victim took her daughter to the pizza joint and, lo and behold, Red was there. When she confronted him about stealing the Play Station, he reportedly slapped her in the face and left. She called police, who found Red also had an outstanding warrant for hit and run. Add it up: Stealing a little girl's Play Station, smacking a woman and leaving the scene of a car accident. Red should change his name to Yellow.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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