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The Blotter

Drive-by Shooting: Some unknown bad guys drove by a house occupied by 11 people and fired multiple shots into the place with a shotgun. The only casualty was a front window.

Dinner and Brews Interrupted: While drinking beer in the parking lot of a South Boulevard business, a man was accosted by two creeps who ordered him to the ground, then proceeded to kick the poor guy and cut him with a broken bottle. Not satisfied, the duo stole the guy's bag of groceries, which contained bread, ham, cheese, Vienna Sausages and cookies.

Dude, Take a Hint: A woman reported she has moved at least four times in the past two years to escape her ex-boyfriend, yet he always manages to find her new residence. She thought she'd finally given her pesky ex-paramour the slip after her most recent relocation, but then she spotted him driving by her house once again.

Citizen's Arrest: Two friends came upon a thief breaking into a car, and after a short scuffle, detained him until police arrived. As cops arrested the bad guy who also had a stolen credit card on him, he spit on one of the good Samaritans, adding simple assault to his other charges.

Ass-Whooping Needed: A couple of hard-partying jerks threatened to beat up a disabled 56-year-old woman after she asked them to turn down their music.

Price Isn't All That's Up At Pumps: A young woman got into a verbal altercation with another motorist after she pulled into a gas station on Beatties Ford Road. As she attempted to drive away, the other driver fired four rounds from a small caliber pistol into her car. Luckily, the woman was not struck. In a separate incident the following day, another young woman was punched in the face while she sat in her parked car at a gas station on WT Harris Boulevard.

Unrequited Love: A man called police to report that his ex-wife keeps sending food and letters of apology to his house despite the restraining order against her.

Damn Kids!: Two young hooligans were busted by police after they stole $22 from a tip jar at a North Davidson coffee shop. The money was returned to the rightful java-pouring owners.

Paper, Plastic, or Polyester?: A grocer manager observed a man enter his store and conceal a chicken sandwich in his shirt. The sharp-eyed manager stopped the thief, recovered the sandwich, and called the cops, who promptly arrested the poultry shoplifter.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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