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Pissed at Flip: Apparently someone took offense at Rev. Flip Benham and Operation Save America's recent protest outside a Charlotte club (as described in last week's Urban Explorer column), and kicked several of the signs the protestors had erected. The police report indicates the perpetrator broke off a two-inch piece of one of the signs, and that Benham plans to take out a warrant. No word yet from Operation Save American if the man's soul is doomed to hell.

Stamp Out Racism With Vandalism: A young woman reported that while her car was parked in front of her house, someone threw eggs at it and wrote "Get Away K.K.K" in black marker along the front passenger door.

Gas in the Bathroom: Upon coming home, a man discovered someone had kicked in his back door. As he was looking around, he heard noises coming from the back of the house, and called the police. When officers arrived they found the rear bathroom door locked. Once they gained entry, they discovered the crook had gone out the bathroom window. The only thing reported stolen was a can of gas.

From Bad to Worse: While cruising down the road on his scooter, a young man was nearly run over by a motorist. After the near mishap, three men got out of the vehicle, assaulted the guy by punching him in the head and face, and then stole his scooter.

Hooray for Vigilante Justice!: A man walked into a grocery store on The Plaza and forcibly stole a watch and $300 cash from one of the store's female employees. When the thief attempted to leave, another employee grabbed him, and the two men began fighting, during which time the bad guy knocked the do-gooder to the ground by striking him in the ear with his fist. During the midst of this struggle, the female robbery victim jumped into the middle of the fray, and the crook grabbed her by the hair and shoved her to the ground. The duplicitous dope finally broke free and made another dash for the exit, but thankfully several other employees grabbed the crook and held him until police arrived.

Drunk Steals Needles: Officials at a local hospital called police after they discovered that someone who had been attending an AA meeting had stolen several needles and other supplies from the medical center.Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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