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The Blotter

Afternoon Walk Turns Deadly: While walking down the street, five people were nearly struck by a speeding car. When one of the pedestrians yelled at the reckless driver, the car swung back around, a female passenger exited, and a heated argument ensued. At this point the driver of the car got out, brandishing a gun, and fired several shots toward the crowd, striking one person in the leg. One of the pedestrians also happened to be carrying a gun, and she fired a single round at the car, but didn't hit anyone.

Shifty Sidler: While an elderly woman was standing at the meat counter of a local grocery story, another person sidled up next to her and also started to examine the meat case. Suddenly, the shifty shopper grabbed the woman's purse from her grocery cart and fled the store. The grocery store manager informed police that their surveillance cameras captured the bad guy running out the exit carrying the stolen purse.

He's Out and He's Pissed: A man called police to report that an acquaintance showed up at his house and made the following threat: "Open up this door you punk ass motherfucker. You put my sister in jail and had me put in a halfway house. I want you to know that they better get you before I do."

Howdy, Neighbors: A woman witnessed two loud, rowdy drunks outside her apartment, both of whom started throwing beer bottles into the street and then proceeded to egg her car and break one of her mirrors.

Minty-Fresh Bandit: A local drugstore manager called police after he witnessed a young man walk into his store and steal a tube of toothpaste.

Bad Ex-Boyfriend: Upon returning home from work, a woman sees her ex-boyfriend standing near her car. When she confronts him, he runs off. The unfortunate woman then realizes all four of her car's tires have been flattened, and her gas tank lid has been pried open.

Serious Nicotine Fit: A man entered a local drugstore and asked the worker behind the counter for a pack of cigarettes. As the store employee was getting the smokes, the customer suddenly jumped over the counter, and grabbed four cartons of cigarettes. As the bad guy was attempting to hop back over the counter, he got snagged on a bag holder, and the two men begin fighting. The thief finally shoved the store clerk in the chest, and fled from the store.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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