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The Blotter

Prince Charming: A woman received several threatening phone calls from a man on whom she had taken out multiple warrants. During one call, the jailbird threatened, "You think people don't get out of jail? If I see you anywhere in Charlotte, it's on."

Ill-Gotten Illumination: Someone broke into a warehouse and stole over $500 worth of fluorescent light fixtures.

Purse-Snatching Punk: While leaving a restaurant on Park Road, a woman noticed a stray kitten wandering the parking lot. The animal-loving lass set her purse down on her car's trunk while she attempted to retrieve the kitten. Just then, some opportunistic oaf walked by and snatched the woman's purse from atop the car and fled.

Car Trouble: As she left her apartment, a woman discovered that someone had flattened all four of her car's tires and busted the front windshield, causing an estimated $600 worth of damage.

Boomers Gone Wild: During an argument between two middle-aged men, one of feuding fools threw a TV against the wall and then tossed a concrete fountain through a window. For good measure, he then punched the other guy in the face, causing minor scratches and bruising.

Strange Days Indeed: A woman called police after her friend "became irate, out of control and started acting peculiar." The concerned woman told police her disturbed friend threatened to kill herself by tying an extension cord around her neck or jumping off a bridge. The suicidal woman was transported to the hospital where she was treated.

No Love For Dentists: Two young men were spotted throwing rocks at a dentist's office windows. There is no known connection between the vandalism and any previous dental procedures.

Motoring Madman: While sitting at a red light, a man was rear-ended by another motorist. The two drivers got out of their cars, and an argument ensued. The situation soon escalated, and the man who caused the accident shoved the other driver and threatened to kill him. He then got back in his car and left the scene before police arrived.

Brew Bandit: A convenience store owner observed a customer stuff several cans of beer into his jacket and then start to leave the store. When the owner attempted to stop him, the shoplifter threw one of the cans of beer onto the ground, where it exploded, then he fled the scene.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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