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The Blotter

FOR OLD TIMES' SAKE: A man called police after his ex-girlfriend, who still has a key to his residence, bit him in the arm and hit him upside the head.

BURNING DOWN THE CAR: In the early morning hours, a woman awoke to discover her car ablaze in her driveway. The fire department determined the automobile had caught fire due to electrical problems.

PARKING LOT RAGE: Two apartment-dwelling neighbors got into a feud when one, apparently incensed about where the other parked her car, threatened, "I'm going to hit your car and cut your tires." The victim stated that the apartment complex does not have assigned parking spaces, and did not understand why her neighbor was so upset.

DETERMINED CROOKS: Sometime during the night, someone gained entry into a car dealership by dismantling a cinder block glass window. The would-be thieves then busted through another wall, accessing the building's maintenance area. The determined crooks then searched through the owner's manuals of all the vehicles on the sales lot, but took only one. The dealership's owner believes the suspects were looking for spare keys to the vehicles.

CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?: A woman reported that her boyfriend struck her on the head with a phone.

DUDE, TAKE A HINT: A very persistent suitor called his ex-girlfriend at least 100 times over a two-day period trying to win her back. I'm no Dr. Phil, but I'm guessing the best to way to woo a girl is not through desperate and seemingly pathological behavior.

COLA CAPER: Some unknown crook(s) stole an entire Pepsi machine from a car wash.

SMOOTH OPERATOR: A young woman reported that while riding a city bus, the passenger seated next to her took her wallet out of her pocketbook to "read the print" whatever that means. The woman took her wallet back and put it back in her purse. Then, oddly enough, the woman gave the stranger and aspiring thief her phone number before getting off the bus. Shortly thereafter, when the woman went to use her ATM, she discovered her wallet was missing. A few hours later the smooth criminal called the gullible woman, informed her he had her wallet, then hung up.

HIT AND RUN: While sitting inside a local coffee shop, a young man observed a reckless driver hit his parked car, then leave the scene without stopping. The man was able to get part of the car's license plate number.

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