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The Blotter

Party Pooper: A woman drank two glasses of wine while at a party and became violently ill. She called police and told them she believes someone at the party slipped drugs into her drink, causing her illness.

Welcome Home: Upon arriving at his apartment, a man noticed a suspicious looking van cruising around the parking lot. As the man got out of his car, the van suddenly pulled up next to him, and three men jumped from the van and started chasing him. Once they caught up with him, they hit him a few times in the head with a gun and robbed him of $40 in cash and a $100 leather jacket.

Grand Theft Auto: Some unknown person(s) broke into a county office building and made off with six cars, valued at $78,000. Several of the cars have since been recovered.

The Case of the Would-be Referee: When a convenience store worker tried to break-up a late-night fight between two drunken customers, they turned on him, and proceeded to hit him several times in the face and knock over a beer display.

Church Lady: A woman reported that while having lunch in a picnic area outside a church, another woman approached her and started insulting her. The woman ignored the rude comments and went on eating her lunch, but then the insulter hauled off and punched her in the eye.

Cleaned Out: When she came home, a woman discovered two strangers inside her house, and the pair of intruders fled the scene. After a quick perusal of her home, the woman realized several things were missing, including clothes, artwork, furniture, appliances, stereo equipment and books. The report doesn't note what else the woman had left that the burglars could have taken.

A Likely Story: A man tried to pass several fraudulent checks, explaining to his would-be victims that he had recently won the lottery.

Reach Out and Threaten Someone: In two separate cases of phone harassment, one woman called another and threatened her. First, she told her phone pal, "I'm gonna kick your ass. Do you want it now or should I surprise you? I will kill you, bitch. I've been fighting men for years and you're nothing." Later, she called at least 17 times, and during one call stated: "I want you to go downtown and take a warrant out on me because I want to see you face to face and fight you. If I go to jail, I will get out because I got money."

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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