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The Blotter


LYING IN WAIT: An elderly man was ambushed by a guy who had crept into his car while he was filling it up with gas. The unwanted passenger then forced the old gent to drive him to a nearby house, and ordered him to stay put while he went inside for a few minutes. Instead, the old-timer wisely took off to the nearest gas station where he called 911.

STRANGER IN THE NIGHT: Two men were walking down East Boulevard when they noticed that a stranger was following them. The menacing guy made the two men uneasy, and as they were discussing what to do, he suddenly pulled out a gun and demanded both their wallets. The duo produced their wallets and tossed them on the ground. Suddenly, the armed robber fired his gun once into the sky. Then, as he bent down to pick up the wallets, he fired again, striking one of the men in the calf.

DRIVE-THROUGH WEAPONRY: Some maniac drove an unknown vehicle through the front door of a west Charlotte gun shop and stole a $1,300 handgun complete with night vision and laser sights. The autocentric thief also made off with a $1,500 safe and caused an estimated $1,000 damage to the business's front doors.

ANOTHER GUN BONANZA: Three armed gunmen rushed into an east Charlotte pawnshop and ordered all the employees and customers to lie in one corner of the store. The trio of bandits then robbed the store of nearly $5,000 worth of guns.

ROCKED HIS WORLD: A motorist reported that while driving north down I-85 approaching the City Boulevard overpass, five juveniles threw rocks down at his car, striking and damaging the windshield.

BUSTIN' LOOSE: Sometime during the night an unknown bad guy forced his way into a transmission shop, stole a car, and exited the business by driving through the company's metal garage door, causing over $2,500 in damage.

BREAKING AND COOKING: A woman reported that sometime during the late afternoon/early evening hours, someone broke into her home and cooked a meal. Nothing was damaged or stolen. The report doesn't indicate if the mystery chef cleaned up after him/herself.

WHAT, NO TIP?: A pizza delivery guy was en route to a house when a man leapt from the shadows and relieved him of an order of chicken wings, two large pizzas and a two-liter Coke, valued at $26.55.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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