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SAVAGE SENIORS: A group of elderly men were sitting around drinking when two of the codgers started to argue. One old-timer picked up a stick and started swinging at the other gent, along with several other people in the house. One of the other guys picked up a knife and stabbed the stick-wielding old coot in the arm.

UP TO NO GOOD: Two delinquents were caught on videotape riding four wheelers on a company's private property. The two joy riders also broke into a small control room and sprayed it down with a fire extinguisher.

MOE & CURLY GO OUT DRINKING: Two men were admitted to the hospital after both reportedly fell and hit their heads in the parking lot of a Charlotte tavern.

FINDERS KEEPERS: Upon realizing she had left her cell phone at a department store, a woman promptly returned but much to her chagrin, discovered her phone was gone. When she called her cell phone number, the person that answered insisted the phone belonged to him.

CLOSET CASE: A woman told police that a male acquaintance broke into her house by thrusting his arm through a space next to the air conditioner and unlocking the back door's deadbolt. The thief then stole various items belonging to the woman, including clothes and a VCR. When police showed up at the suspect's house, they found all of the stolen items hidden in his closet.

SILLY SQUATTER: A woman discovered that someone had kicked in the front door of a vacant house she was remodeling, and had taken up residence there. After kicking out the squatter, the woman changed the locks on the front door, but shortly thereafter discovered that the same trespasser was at it again. This time she called police, who discovered the loser taking a nap in one of the bedrooms. He insisted he didn't break into the house, but had simply gained entry through an open window. Like it matters how he illegally entered the house.

MINI-BIKE LIBERATION: Some unknown suspect(s) made off with a mini-bike that was on display outside of a pawnshop by cutting through its security chains.

LOSER OF THE WEEK: A woman's ex-husband broke into her house via a basement window. He proceeded to sneak upstairs and assault his ex-wife by shoving her. He then ripped the phone out of the wall when she attempted to call 911. As a parting gift, he flattened one of her car's tires.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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