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POINTLESS PUNCH: A man reported that he was walking down the street minding his own business when an unknown suspect approached him and punched him in the left eye for no reason.

HIDDEN CRACK: In responding to a call about a suspicious person, police came across a man who was a suspect in a recent shooting. As the cops were patting down the loser, he kept resisting and pushing the officer's hands away. But as police continued to search, they discovered in the man's underwear a pill bottle that contained an estimated $680 worth of crack cocaine.

TESTY TELEMARKETER: A telemarketer reportedly called a couple's home numerous times, trying to sell the wife a resort trip. Despite the fact that the woman told the pesky phone monkey not to call back, he continued to do so. Finally the husband answered the phone and started arguing with the caller, at which point the telemarketer called him a liar and threatened to "give him a beating."

OUT OF CONTROL: A woman was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after she struck another woman in the face multiple times, sprayed her with pepper spray, then threatened to kill the woman in the presence of officers.

DRUNK AND DANGEROUS: After a young man attempted to stop his intoxicated "friend" from driving home, the drunken dope pulled out a knife and cut the good Samaritan twice, causing minor lacerations.

CRANKY CUSTOMER: After a woman became upset while at a local car dealer because they wouldn't return her money, she picked up a table and threw it against a new car that was in the showroom.

IDENTITY THEFT: In what is becoming an increasingly regular occurrence, a woman discovered she was the victim of identity theft after she received her credit card bill with $2,153 worth of charges she didn't make. The charges were made in Charleston -- where the woman lived years earlier -- and most were made for the purposes of setting up an account with Sprint PCS.

SHORT JOYRIDE: A woman stole a car while it was sitting in front of a convenience store. After driving for just a few blocks, she lost control, struck a telephone pole, and then fled the scene on foot.

PARTY FOUL: While attending a party, a woman discovered someone had stolen her cell phone and money, which she had put in a spare bedroom, as did most of the other partygoers.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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