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The Blotter


MIDDLE SCHOOL MAYHEM: A teacher at a Charlotte middle school reported that despite her instructions to stay put, an unruly student exited the classroom anyway. As the teacher held the doorknob, the pesky pupil struck her on the shoulder and pushed her out of the way as he left. At another middle school, a female student was sent to the principal's office after she was involved in an altercation with another student. A subsequent search revealed that the young girl was carrying a box cutter in her pocket. The girl was arrested and later turned over to her mother.

SNATCH AND RUN: While driving through a west Charlotte apartment complex, a young woman was approached by a man who asked for a cigarette. When the woman opened her purse to retrieve a smoke, the man reached into the car, grabbed the purse -- which contained $150 and a cell phone -- and took off running.

THREATS OF THE WEEK: A man called police and reported that another gent called him and made the following threat: "I am going to come over and beat your face into the fucking ground. I will kill your fucking family. There is no way you are going to be safe. I can get you at your house or at work. If you are patronizing me, I am going to slit your throat and shoot you in the face." In another incident, a woman reported that a suspect called her cell phone 500 times -- averaging about 50 calls on the weekends and 10 times during the week. During these calls, the suspect first screams and cusses at the victim, and then calls back and starts quoting the Bible or playing religious music.

TRIO OF TROUBLEMAKERS: While exiting his vehicle, a man was approached by three hooligans who hit him over the head with a metal baseball bat and on the leg with a metal chain. The trio of losers then took the victim's wallet and cell phone.

TRAGEDY AVERTED: A gun-wielding robber forced his way into a house that was occupied by a man and two other family members. While the man and home invader struggled over the gun, the two other family members ran upstairs and hid. As the struggle ensued, the bad guy pointed the gun at the patriarch and pulled the trigger, but it didn't go off. And with that, the murderous coward fled the scene.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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