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The Blotter


PUSHING YOUR LUCK: A grocery store manager witnessed a young woman take a 12-pack of beer from a display, slip it inside her backpack, and stroll out the door without paying. The woman placed the stolen brew in her parked car and then returned to the store, by which time the store manager had called police. The greedy gal then brazenly slipped another 12-pack in her backpack, placed several items in a grocery cart, and meandered to the front of the store. At this point the manager confronted her, all the items were recovered, and the woman was charged with larceny and shoplifting.

HARD-DRINKING WEB-SURFERS: Several unknown people broke into a man's house by prying open a side window, and stole over $3,000 worth of computer equipment and $200 worth of alcoholic beverages.

ASKING FOR IT: Police pulled over a car for an "equipment violation" and discovered the driver had no operator's license. Moreover, the dopey driver had a small bag of pot on him, as well as an open container of beer. Word to the not so wise: stay home next time.

SODA JERK: When police responded to a call about a fight, they found a young man bleeding profusely from the head and under his left eye. The battered guy explained that he was attacked for no reason, and the culprit had bashed him over the head with a plastic soda crate and cut him with a knife. The man was treated for severe lacerations, and the bad guy got away.

I'M RICH! - AND CLEAN!: A hotel manager reported that somebody broke into one of the hotel's laundry detergent vending machines and got away with $75 cash and 75 boxes of detergent.

DON'T TALK ABOUT MY MOMMA: A young man called police to report that he had received several threatening voice mail messages, including one that said, "I'm going to kill you and your mom. After I kill your mom, I'm going to shoot up your mom's house and burn it down, then I'll come after you. Your life is through. It's over with. It's a done deal."

RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSE: An elderly gent was at a convenience store putting on his helmet and preparing to mount his moped, when some young whippersnapper came over, jumped on the $1,700 scooter, and sped off.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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