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DRUGS FOR DINNER: A woman reported that while enjoying dinner and drinks with two male "friends" at a downtown restaurant, her dining companions drugged her and stole her purse. The drugged diner also reported that she couldn't recall any details about the two men because whatever foreign substance they slipped in her drink wiped out her memory.

MECHANICAL MAYHEM: Two young ladies got into a heated argument after one of the women discovered that her husband was fixing the woman's husband's car "in the dark." For whatever reason this enraged the woman and the verbal spat soon escalated into an assault, resulting in minor injuries.

THANKLESS JOB: Over the past several weeks there's been a rash of pizza delivery dude robberies. The latest incident occurred on a Thursday night just before midnight. Upon arriving at the designated delivery address, the pizza dude knocked on the door but no one answered. When he turned to leave, he was accosted by two men, one of whom was brandishing a knife. The bad guys robbed the pizza dude of his money and keys, then fled the scene in the poor guy's car. Thankfully he was not injured.

BUMP IN THE NIGHT: A man was awakened in the middle of the night when his car alarm went off. He went downstairs to investigate and noticed that his garage door was propped open with a bucket of candy, and that someone had been in his office and scattered the papers on his desk. Apparently this wasn't enough to seriously rouse his suspicions, for the homeowner went back to bed without calling the police. But shortly thereafter, the man was awakened again by strange noises coming from downstairs. This time when he went downstairs he spotted two men outside his home. One fled the scene in a car, and the other on foot. Finally the man called police, and then chased after one of the suspects in his own vehicle, but to no avail. When the man returned home he noticed multiple items were missing from his home, including computer equipment, tools and food. No word on whether the bucket of candy was still there.

DERANGED DRIVER: While sitting at a red light, a man was rear-ended by another driver. As he was getting out of his car to inspect the damage, the other motorist quickly drove away from the scene, but not without first yelling and cussing at the man whose car he had just run into, causing an estimated $500 damage.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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