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THE THREE MEAN STOOGES: A trio of losers entered a convenience store, forced the female clerk into the back, and assaulted her by striking her in the face. They then brought the clerk back to the front of the store to open the cash register, from which they stole $600. The police report indicates the store clerk suffered bruising and abrasions to her left eye and cheek.

SHOOTOUT ON SUGAR CREEK: While hanging out in front of a convenience store on Sugar Creek Rd., two, um, social clubs became involved in a shouting match, which quickly turned deadly when several of the reckless teens produced handguns and started shooting. During the ensuing havoc, two people were shot, and multiple stray bullets struck a nearby hotel. The wounded and their companions fled the scene in at least two different cars, with the shooters giving chase and continuing to fire away. When the dust finally settled, the two shooting victims were transported to the hospital where they were treated for their injuries. The police report also indicates the hotel's front window pane was shattered by the stray bullets, and five cars were damaged by the flying lead.

SO MUCH FOR CHIVALRY: Two young women were enjoying a nice afternoon at home when one of the girls' "boyfriends" showed up and started to hit and push the supposed object of his affections. The second woman ran from the house to call police. When she returned shortly thereafter, she found that her friend had been stabbed approximately four times. The stabbing victim was transported to the hospital where she was treated and released.

COUPLE OF WIENIES: While strolling down Tuckaseegee Rd., a young man carrying a bag full of food was accosted by two men in a car. The dopey duo got out of their ride, pulled a knife, and robbed the man of his foodstuffs. The police report indicates the bag contained packages of hotdogs and other assorted food items valued at $25.

CATFIGHT: A middle-aged woman called police after she received several threatening text messages on her cell phone. The first message stated, "You (expletive) whore. You got your ass beat." The message was referring to an altercation that had occurred a few hours prior in which the woman and another female acquaintance had engaged in a bout of fisticuffs. A second text message stated, "You will get yours. I promise, whore." The woman told police she has had an ongoing feud with this other woman, and this wasn't their first fight.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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