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The Blotter


HUNGRY HELLIONS: Some unknown troublemakers, who apparently had the munchies, broke into a local high school and stole several cases of chips and candy, soft drinks, Gatorade, an ice chest, and two refrigerators. The crooks' ill-gotten haul was valued at over $2,000.

HUNDRED-DOLLAR BULLETS: A man called police after he discovered that someone had fired a gun six times into the hood of his car. The bullets caused an estimated $600 worth of damage.

POP GOES THE WINDOW: While driving down W.T. Harris Blvd, a man and his wife were startled when something struck their car's rear driver's side window, making a loud popping sound. Upon arriving home, the couple discovered a small hole in the window and a BB pellet inside the vehicle. The window later shattered.

LANDORD'S LAMENT: An elderly gentleman came home to discover that someone had broken into his rental property by kicking in the front door. The vandals then kicked or punched multiple holes in the walls, and painted graffiti on the doors and windows. The pissed-off property owner indicated that he wasn't sure if anything was missing because his previous tenants had left in a hurry to avoid paying back rent, and had left much of their property behind.

IT'S NO PICNIC: A woman called police after an acquaintance hit her in the head with a green plastic patio table, which resulted in a small scratch on her chin.

BUMP IN THE NIGHT: An apartment complex owner who lives above the complex's rental office was awakened when he heard noises coming from downstairs. He looked around a little, but not seeing anyone, went back to sleep. Later that morning as he was walking his daughter to the bus stop, he noticed the office's window had been broken out. Upon further inspection, he discovered someone had made off with several articles, including a computer and various tools, totaling nearly $4,000.

MUSIC LOVIN' MISCHIEF: Security officers at a local department store observed, via a surveillance camera, a suspicious acting customer take six DVDs, stuff them down his pants, and attempt to leave the store without paying. The loss prevention personnel stopped the crook before he could exit, and recovered all the DVDs, which were valued at $144.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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