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HELL HATH NO FURY...: A man called police after his wife struck him with a tire iron and pointed a revolver at him. The hapless husband wisely walked away from the altercation.

TEENS GONE WILD: While patrolling a south Charlotte neighborhood, police were flagged down by a man who was trying to control his 15-year-old daughter. While the put-upon pop was talking to police, his deranged daughter struck him several times about the chest and neck. The tenacious teen was then transported to a juvenile detention center.

PIZZA PIRATES: Three unknown assailants robbed a pizza delivery guy, then fled on foot, making off with a pizza, an order of cheese sticks, and an orange soda. The pizza dude suffered minor injuries to his elbow during the incident.

WHO ASSAULTED WHOM?: A woman called police to report that a male acquaintance had struck her multiple times in the head because "she would not go home with him." However, the police report indicates that while the victim had no signs of injury, the suspect had a busted lip.

NICOTINE FIT: While walking down the street, a man was approached by a stranger who asked for a cigarette. When the pedestrian indicated he didn't have any cigarettes, the shifty smoker pulled a handgun from his waistband and robbed him of $15.

LESSON LEARNED: A homeowner pre-paid a construction "worker" $650 to build a fence around his home. Several excuses and nearly a month later, the lazy laborer has put up nary a post, and isn't returning the fenceless man's phone calls.

WELL-MEDICATED CROOKS: A man discovered that some time during the night crooks had gained entry into his car through an open window and had stolen over $200 worth of medications and paraphernalia, including Oxycotin, antibiotics, Xanax, sleeping aids and a nebulizer, one of those little hand-held devices asthma patients use to inhale aerosolized medication.

WHAT A TOOL: A man lent a "friend" nearly $1,500 worth of gardening and landscaping tools, including a gas hedge trimmer and wheelbarrow, with the understanding that he would return them by the end of the weekend. The weekend has come and gone, and the greedy gardener has made no attempt to return the tools, and now police are looking to nip him in the bud.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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