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The Blotter


GOOD EXAMPLE: An employee at a local shoe store observed two women, both with young girls in tow, remove four pairs of athletic shoes from their boxes and stuff them inside backpacks the kids were wearing. The kids then ran from the store, with the dishonest monster matriarchs close behind. The whole crew jumped inside a car and drove off with a reported $350 worth of shoes, not to mention the lifelong memories of a very special mother-daughter moment.

CANINE CAPER: A jilted lover showed up at his ex-girlfriend's house, and in an amazingly inept attempt to win back her affections, grabbed her full-blooded miniature dachshund (valued at $800), and made for the exit. When the woman tried to get her prize pooch back, the smooth operator threatened to kill her.

WELL-GROOMED THIEF: A worker at a local beauty shop reported a woman stole a pedicure and manicure kit valued at $37.

CITY OF BROTHERLY LOVE: A woman reported that while she was arguing with her brother, he struck her in the right eye with his thumb and pushed her out of her house.

CARNIVOROUS CAPER: A local store owner observed a man -- apparently a very hungry man -- snatch three pounds of meat from the counter and rush outside where his accomplice was waiting behind the wheel of their getaway car. The 48 ounces of stolen animal flesh was valued at $13.

BATHROOM BONANZA: Two women were arrested after they attempted to leave a local grocery store with several bags full of stolen goodies. Upon inspection, police discovered the foil-lined bags contained razors, Imodium capsules, Pepcid tablets, Crest white strips, nasal drops, Aleve, Tylenol, Oil of Olay and a host of other medicines. Total, the stolen merchandise was valued at a whopping $1,371.

MR. BELL WOULD BE PROUD: In recent weeks a number of Charlotteans have used their telephones to express themselves in colorful and creative ways. "I will get a gun and kill you and your mother," threatened one caller. "I'm going to kill you and everyone in your house," vented another, who followed that threat up with the rather anti-climactic rant, "I'll come over there and whip your ass." Finally, a man reported that an acquaintance who is "upset about money" called him up and stated, "If you ever come back here again I will stick my fist down your throat."

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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