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The Blotter


DUDE, TAKE A HINT: A woman told police that during a three-month period an insanely persistent suspect made at least 1,080 harassing calls -- yes, you read that right, one thousand and eighty calls -- demanding to know where she lives.

THAT'S JUST COLD: While visiting her mother at a local assisted living center, a woman called police to report that someone had entered her mother's room and stolen $159 from her mother's purse, which had reportedly been left on the bathroom floor. There was no sign of forced entry and nothing else was missing.

McRUMBLE: An over-the-counter fracas occurred recently at a local fast-food joint when an irate customer started arguing with the restaurant's assistant manager. The argument became so heated that the customer slapped the paper hat-wearing manager in the face. When told the police were being summoned, the cranky customer reportedly said "Go ahead and call police, I'll spray this place." The suspect -- who apparently didn't get it her way -- fled the scene before officers arrived.

BOORISH BUM: While enjoying a night out on the town, a man encountered an "aggressive panhandler" who repeatedly asked for money while leaning into the reveler's car window. The man told police he finally gave the financially challenged huckster $10 so he would leave him alone.

INEPT GETAWAY: While relaxing inside his house, a man was shocked when two would-be burglars kicked in his front door. When dumb and dumber saw the homeowner standing there, they fled into another residence two doors down. The victim was able to positively identify both master crooks, and they were taken into custody.

BORN LOSER: While hiding out at a local hotel, a man was arrested and charged with a litany of offenses, including possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia. He also had two outstanding warrants for interfering with emergency communications and - here's a sweetheart for you -- assault on a handicapped person. To top it off, he had recently been banned from a halfway house.

TOOLS OF THE TRADE: The manager of a local apartment complex called police after she witnessed one of Charlotte's bright young men smashing out the window of a model apartment with a can of cream of chicken soup. When the apartment manager yelled at the can-wielding dolt, he dropped the soup and fled the scene.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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