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The Blotter


It's Raining Men: A woman reported that she had been sitting inside her car when a man suddenly jumped up onto the vehicle. Doing the smart thing, the woman drove off with the guy still on her car. After causing minor damage to the car, the man jumped off and fled on foot.

OLD BEERFUL: An employee of Sam's Mart told police that someone pushed a 12-pack of beer onto the sales floor. This caused the beer to rupture, creating a geyser of beer in the middle of the store.

Do-It-Yourself Ransom Note: A woman reported that someone stole two rocking chairs off her porch, only to return and leave a piece of blank paper rolled up in her door. Evidently, she can set her own terms to negotiate the ransom of her chairs.

Got Anyone Else?: A man was threatened during a telephone conversation with his supervisor when big bossman said, "If you send that motherfucker to my job again, I'll slap the shit out of him."

Late Fees Could Be a Problem: A woman's Dodge Stratus was broken into while parked in a parking deck. The thief stole numerous items including two rented videotapes. One hopes the thief will remember to rewind the tapes when returning them.

I'm Ready to Go Now: A man went to pick up someone but when he got there the pick-ee refused to leave and hit the man in the face with an umbrella. The man left, only to return hours later when umbrella man called for a ride home.

Women and Their Shoes: Two women were arguing when one of them took off one of her shoes and told the other woman she would kick her ass. But after pausing to think about it, she apparently decided against throwing the shoe at the other woman.

The Postman Always Steals Twice: A woman reported that between 9:30am and 12:30pm, someone stole outgoing mail from her mailbox. No notice on whether it was the mailman picking up mail to be delivered.

A Clean Getaway: A man was washing his car in a parking lot when someone walked up, pulled the key from the ignition, and ran off on foot. The key thief returned later to drive off with the car.

Quote of the Week: We'll get you and you'll get got. If I see you at the club I'll fight you!

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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