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FADING INTO THE BACKGROUND: A woman filed a report after she was swindled out of $35. According to the report, the woman paid a company for a background check that they said they needed to have before they could hire her. Days after paying them, the woman found out that there was no such company.

THEFT OF THE WEEK: A fixture store filed a report after three of their 45-foot trailers were stolen. The trailers are valued at $3,500 each. They also reported that the thieves stole $15,000 worth of their store fixtures and shelving.

CANCEL THE GARAGE SALE: After a woman told a man that she was going to sell some of his personal belongings, he told her that, "If you put my stuff out, I'm going to get my gun. I don't mind going to court for your death."

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: I'll poison your dog!

HERE TODAY, GONE TOMORROW: Some unknown person or persons stole two different USA TODAY newspaper boxes from two different locations on the same night. The newspaper boxes are valued at $200 apiece.

FIRST CARS, THEN TRUCKS, NOW...: We have yet another vehicle break-in to report. Was it a hybrid car? No. A speedboat? Nope. A golf cart? No. According to the report, someone walked onto a construction site and broke out the front window on a crane. The damage to the crane is estimated at $2,500.

JUNIOR HIGH JINX: A group of people decided to throw themselves a little shindig in a middle school parking lot one evening. During the festivities, they knocked over a storage bin that had gallons of used cooking oil in it. The oil spilled into a storm drain. They also wrote dirty words on the pavement with chalk and left beer cans everywhere.

IT MEANS HE LIKES YOU: A woman called police to report that a man punched her in the arm and then ran off.

SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO: A man who shoplifted from a store recently lost his temper in the parking lot when confronted by store security and the police. When apprehended, the man swore that when he gets out of jail, he'll return to kill every single employee, the police, the store security, and all of their families.

LITTLE DEBBIE MADE ME DO IT: A person called police recently to report that one of her employees ate a $1 snack cake off the shelf but did not pay for it.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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