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The Blotter


CLEAN GETAWAY: A man was washing his truck recently when another man walked up to him. The stranger told him his truck looked good, and then explained to the truck washer that he had a gun and would kill him unless he gave over the truck. The truck's owner took a step back, handed over the keys, and the man drove off.

WHATEVER WORKS: A man called police to report four harassing phone calls. According to the man, the first two consisted of yelling, cursing, and screaming. During the third call he reported that the caller said, "I'm going to burn down your house." He told police the man called back minutes later and said that, on second thought, "I'll just come and shoot you."

GET A DISH: According to police, $226 worth of cable line extender was stolen from seven different cable boxes in seven different neighborhoods during the course of a few days.

NEW WAYS TO GET DATES: A man stole financial and personal identification from a woman, then called her back four days later and told her he'd return the items in exchange for sexual favors.

SHOE SHOOTOUT: A woman called police to report that during a struggle between her mother and her boyfriend, the boyfriend's gun went off, the bullet went through a wall and shot her in the foot. She told them he also fled the scene. After the police arrived at her house shortly thereafter, the boyfriend came back to the house and was arrested.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: My name is Payne and I'm going to cause you a whole lot of pain.

WHEN CAN YOU START?: After a woman went to a job interview, she called police afterward to report that during the interview the man interviewing her grabbed her hips and sat her down in his lap.

GREAT GOD!: Someone stole a $3000 PA system and microphone from a church sanctuary. The reporting person said that the unknown person broke in through the church basement.

CHRISTOPHER ROBBIN': A man was arrested recently for shoplifting two Winnie the Pooh-themed baby teethers. He was stopped by store security in the parking lot.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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