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PIZZA TURNED TO STONE: Remember the joke where you order a pizza for someone else's house? Well, a business totally rewrote the book on that one when they ordered 848.79 tons of crushed gravel from a local company. To pay for their mammoth load, they simply billed it to another company down the street from them.

CROSS VENTILATION: In possible preparation for the imminent summer heat, one woman decided to argue with a man in hopes he could provide some relief. Her plan was effective -- the man came back enraged and broke every window of her car out with a hammer.

HEY, THAT NARROWS IT DOWN!: A man shopping in a convenience store grabbed a soda and a magazine and proceeded to the counter. When he got there, he asked the clerk for a carton of cigarettes. When he got his smokes, and his total, he picked up the items and ran out without paying for them. When police arrived, the only thing the clerk could say about the man was that he had nappy hair.

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S BUTTER: A patron at a Japanese restaurant wasn't satisfied with his order, so he began arguing with his waiter. After a brief altercation, the waiter walked away, at which point the patron threw a bowl of butter at him and busted open the back of his head.

HOPPING MAD: A woman phoned police to report that, during the night, someone stole her Easter Bunny statue off her porch. The woman said it was worth $150.

HACKER 4 HIRE: A woman who was having computer problems hired a man to come to her home and fix it. She paid $100 for him to get rid of a virus and install some new software. Instead, she reported, he didn't get rid of the virus, and installed pirated software instead.

BABY'S BAR CRAWL: For whatever reason, a woman brought a toddler with her to a local bar. At one point in the evening, she let the child crawl around on the floor, at which point other people in the bar suggested that she pick him up. She became infuriated with their comments, and ended up hitting another woman in the face over it.

ATTENTION MUST BE PAID: A woman at a drive-through ATM must have been distracted during her transaction, because she drove away leaving her card in the machine. She later told police that the card had been used four times since she left it, and that she barely got a glimpse of the man in the car behind her at the ATM.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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