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The Blotter


REAL HIT AND RUN: After unwisely fleeing the scene of a felony on foot and making it to his car, one man upped it a notch when he rammed a police car in an attempt to escape. When he did, however, their bumpers locked. The man then floored it, pushed the police car into a ditch, and then managed to free his car. A minute later, he was chased by more police, and was run off the road, but somehow managed to escape the scene on foot.

HIS DENTIST WILL BE SO PROUD: An unknown man walked into a drug store recently and stole $150 worth of candy, playing cards, gum, and a toothbrush.

IT'S OFFICIAL: An unknown person snuck into a community college recently, and stole a notary seal from a secretary's desk. The seal, used to authenticate transcripts, is obviously quite valuable. If any good can come from this theft, perhaps it's in the likelihood that the Ivy League will be admitting a very resourceful student next fall.

IT'S CURTAINS FOR YOU!: Someone broke into a store's outside storage trailer and stole 92 cartons of drapes. The estimated loss comes to a whopping $9,550. It's time for a better lock.

MATCH PLAY: A group of youngsters had a blast with fire recently, when they set a picnic table ablaze at a local park. When witnesses saw what was going on, they called out to them, but the kids ran off into the woods.

I SWEAR, IT'S ART!: A woman called police to report that, during the night, someone had covered her front wall and door with paint balls.

DON'T MESS WITH MOM: A mother told her son before school one morning to come home right away and start his homework. He did neither. When he finally showed up around dinner time, she told him to go start his work. He refused and tried to leave. She blocked the door, however, so the young man began to hit her. She somehow managed to keep him in the house, and called 911. When the police arrived, he laughed about beating his mother up, and said the cops weren't going to do a thing to him. They responded by taking him to a juvenile detention center.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Don't make me get up from my nap and come beat your ass, bitch.

IT'S A THIEF!: A man who makes stork signs called police to report that while he was out, someone walked into his backyard and stole three eight-foot signs that were supposed to be picked up by a customer later that day. He also informed police that he called the customer, to ask if they had taken them, but unfortunately they hadn't.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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