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THREE MEN AND A KNIFE: A man was parking his car when he saw a second man approach a third man and stab him repeatedly in the head with a knife. The first man decided he should immediately dial 911.

TAKING OUT TAKEOUT: After phoning in a food order, a woman began to get annoyed when it hadn't yet arrived. There was, however, a good excuse for why her order never made it. When her driver got near her home, two men forced him to pull his vehicle over. They pulled him out and beat him, then robbed him at gunpoint. They also left him stranded by stealing his car. The car was later found with no food inside.

PUNK'S NOT DEAD: An owner of a pet store called police after someone broke into her store during the night. The only things the thief took, however, were 10 spiked black leather dog collars.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Better check your tires, bitch.

HE SAID, SHE SAID: A man filled his car up at a local gas station recently, and then paid with a 50 dollar bill. The clerk gave him his change and he walked back to his car. On the way, however, he noticed that the 20 she handed him was a fake. He went back inside to get another 20, but the clerk denied giving him a fake and said that he was trying to trick her. He then went outside and dialed 911. The bill was later "seized," whatever that means.

FOR THAT WOOD-SMOKED FLAVOR: Police handed out a citation recently to a man who was improperly burning in his grill under his covered wood patio.

ONE TOUGH COWBOY: During the Panthers' impressive home playoff win against the Dallas Cowboys this season, one rival fan's misery turned to rage, and he decided there was no one better to cuss at, push, and knee in the groin than a police officer.

BAD NEWS: Perhaps their coin jammed itself in the infernal machine, perhaps they were alarmed by the price of the Sunday edition, or perhaps they just needed some arcade money. Whatever the reason, somebody stole an entire Charlotte Observer vending machine. The $500 box was later found by someone else a few blocks away.

FAMILY AFFAIR: This jolly quote was left on a woman's answering machine recently: If you tell my girlfriend again about me sleeping with your sister, me and my brother and my boys, we're going to come hurt you real bad.

ALARM CLOCK FROM HELL: A man woke up recently to find his roommate standing over him on the bed. During this odd encounter, the man's roommate decided to beat his sleepy friend with a rather large stick.

STICKIN' IT TO THE MAN!: Duke Power took a small hit recently when someone rammed a car into a utility pole and damaged it. The driver didn't leave a note, nor did they contact Duke Power, which is required by the North Carolina DMV. Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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