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WHITE COLLAR CRIMINAL: In an act of revenge, a man entered his ex-girlfriend's house, threw all of her clothes and shoes into the front yard, and doused them with bleach.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: I need money. I want you to give me money. I just want some goddamn money. I'm coming over there and whupping your ass and getting your money so I can get crack, and I'm doing heroin too.

FREE FOR A FEE: An irate woman's husband called non-emergency police services to report that a company had taken his wife's money. The company said they would provide free gifts with their services if she paid them $39.95. The services weren't performed, and she never got the free gifts.

MAKES NO CENTS: A woman entered a man's home in the middle of the night in an attempt to rob him. Once inside, she pointed a handgun at him, demanded money, and began removing coins off a dresser. While she was putting the coins in her pocket, however, the man grabbed the gun away from her and detained her until the police arrived.

THIS AIN'T UTAH: A woman called police to report that she'd been a victim of bigamy. The woman stated that her husband had remarried recently, but that she and he are still legally married.

MAD COW CASHES IN: Days after writing a check for $25 to a local meat company, a woman called police to report that the company had changed the numbers on her check and cashed it for $225.

RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME: If there's ever a time to be attacked, it's when you're near medical aid. A CMC medical technician experienced this recently when the patient he was transporting to the hospital assaulted him in the ambulance.

24 HOURS TOO LATE: Two juvenile females were detained on the street for violating the city's Child Protection Ordinance. The curfew makes it a violation to be out past midnight. The girls' mothers were called to come and get them. The night they stayed out late? January 1.

THE HORRORS OF JET LAG: Two intoxicated passengers were removed from a flight and as they were being escorted away, one said, "We need to fucking get home tonight, we aren't going anywhere. Fuck this bullshit. We are fucking Americans, we aren't fucking terrorists. Go stop the fucking terrorists and stop fucking harassing us." The couple was eventually arrested for causing a disturbance, and they then struck the arresting officers and spit on them.

THOSE WACKY GOVERNMENT AGENCIES!: A man called police to report that he had been robbed in his home. He told police that two men entered his home and claimed to be from the Social Security Administration. The men took measurements in his home before leaving with his Social Security card, Medicare card, and 600 dollars in cash.

IN THE DOGHOUSE: A man was arrested for breaking into an animal hospital, and stealing and consuming an unknown drug. He was found on the property shortly after breaking in.

LOVE IS GRAND: After being threatened by another female, a woman called police to report the incident. She told police that the woman followed her home and approached her at the front door. The woman said, "If you don't stop seeing my husband, I'm going to kick your ass. I'm going to key up your truck, bitch."

MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN: Another happy couple decided to go at it recently. This time around, after the verbal argument, the man threw lit matches at the woman. She called police to report the incident, and also to tell them he threatened her with bodily injury. She also stated that he ruined her carpet by burning it with a cigar.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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