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THE GRINCH IS BACK: A distraught woman called police to report that someone had stolen an eight-foot-tall inflatable Santa Claus from her yard. She said that she'd just bought the decoration for her children. Two days later, a man also called police to report that his inflatable Santa had been stolen.

BIRTHDAY BLUES: It wasn't a happy birthday for one man recently, when his residential care provider decided to wait awhile before taking him out to celebrate. The impatient man responded by hitting her in the face, knocking her cell phone out of her hand, biting her arm, and running out of the house.

GOING NOWHERE FAST: A man walked outside one morning to find that thieves had stolen all four tires off his car overnight. He asked his neighbors if they'd seen anything, but they unfortunately hadn't.

SURPRISE GUEST: After a short nap, a woman woke up and found a stranger sitting next to her on the couch. He ran off when she freaked out, and she immediately called the cops.

DIRTY MONEY: Quote of the week: I'll get my money from you one way or the other, even if I have to take it out of your ass!

MORE GRINCH MISCHIEF: A woman called police to report that someone had vandalized her holiday reindeer decorations by breaking off all of their antlers and leaving them scattered around her yard.

SIMPLE ASSAULT: A woman actually called police to report that someone wadded up a piece of paper and threw it at her, hitting her in the face.

FOUL!: Two men were playing basketball recently when the game got out of hand. After verbally bashing each other, a fistfight broke out. One of the men struck the other, knocking him to the ground, then grabbed his face and slammed it into a wall over and over. He then stomped on his basketball buddy's leg until it broke.

RUDOLF'S DEMISE?: Tell your children not to watch out for that famous red-nosed reindeer this year. A man called police to report that two deer ran into his metal fence. One deer died from impact injuries, and the second had to be euthanized after impaling itself on the fence.

SMOKE THIS!: Not pleased with what second-hand smoke might be doing to him, a man picked up a garbage can with a cigarette disposal lid, and tossed it off a 60-foot wall. The man, who just happened to be drunk at the time, admitted to police that he did it.

FOOLPROOF DIET?: A man called police to report that someone had broken into his residence during the day. The thieves stole his refrigerator and his stove.

PING PONG PAIN: A fight between two friends ended when one smacked the other in the head repeatedly with a ping pong paddle.

SCHOOL BULLY: Police received a call recently involving an interesting threat. The reporting person said that the threat came from a stranger, and was very intimidating. The threatening voice said, "You and your son need to get yourselves an education!"

DRIVE-IN MOVIE: Getting movie tickets is easy these days, with the Internet and all. But should car theft be even easier? A man drove up to a theater one evening, got out of his car, and ran to the window to buy tickets for a later show. This prompted someone to hop in his still running car and drive off.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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