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The Blotter


ONE-TWO PUNCH: A woman received three phone calls from a friend. While the first two calls were somewhat civil, the third went something like this: I'm going to find you and beat you up! Understand? My little sister will beat you as well and we will kill you.

SAFE CRACKER: No stethoscope was needed to break into a woman's safe last week. Inside the protective steel structure lay her most precious valuables, outside the steel structure a smart thief stood poised as he figured out how to rob it. Rather than trying to decipher the combination, he simply picked up the safe and left her house with it. Police have no leads.

BACKSEAT ATTACKER: A young man's driving ability and the limits of his car were tested when his nagging passenger complained about how crazily he was driving. She didn't improve the situation when she sprayed him in the face with mace after he snapped back at her for complaining.

BUSTED!: To help curb the selling of alcohol to minors, police went undercover by hiring two teens in hopes that they could purchase beer at a liquor store. The teens were successful and the store will be fined.

HOME SWEET HOME: Someone called police to report that an unknown person was inside the recently vacated apartment next to theirs. The mysterious intruder was actually the former tenant who had been evicted a week prior and had climbed in through a back window to gain entry.

HAPPY TO SEE ME?: After watching him on tape, store security stopped a man in the parking lot for shoplifting in their store. The man denied having done anything wrong but the eagle-eyed security person pointed to the pair of basketball shoes that he'd stuffed down his pants.

KICKING THE HABIT: After being turned down for a bummed cigarette, a man went into a high gear nicotine fit. First he threw down his selfish smoking comrade, then he punched him in the nose, and finally, as a violent coup de grace, kicked him in the face.

THOU SHALT NOT STEAL: Risking eternal damnation, a thief entered a Christian music store and stole a handful of CDs.

JUST PRACTICING: A man looked out his window one day and saw another man stealing his mail. He called police to report the theft. Later in the day, the culprit decided to deliver the man's mail back to him.

STONE COLD CRIMINAL: One hungry thief decided to tough it up one evening and broke into a restaurant's meat freezer. He came away with six cases of shrimp, three cases of meatballs, one mozzarella stick, and some chattering teeth.

DETAILING FROM HELL: To protect his brand new car's shine, a man dropped a protective cover over it. The cover claims to repel dirt, water, and snow. But when the man looked out of his window late one night, he saw that his car's cover was on fire.

IT'S SPELLED S-T-A-L-K-I-N-G: A woman's ex-boyfriend wasn't too pleased about their recent break-up and attempted to reconcile over and over. Whether it was by phone, standing outside her window, waiting by the front door for her to return home, sitting in the back of her college classes, or calling her in her car while he stood a mere 10 feet away in some bushes, this guy just couldn't buy a clue. It's over!

TEAR IN THEIR BEER: Two saddened drunks called police one evening to report that someone had stolen a case of beer and two bottles of vodka off their back porch.

Blotter items are taken from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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