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The Blotter


RUDE AWAKENING: A woman woke up one morning to find herself in an unfamiliar hotel room. She did not know how she got there, what she did the night before, or if she'd had any sexual relations.

HE BLEW IT: One thief decided that he wanted to make some noise around town, so he went to a store and put a party horn in his pants. He then exited the store without paying for the item. He was stopped in the parking lot by store security and the horn was returned.

THE OLD SWITCHEROO: A store employee watched as a man walked to the back of the store and sat down in front of a shoe rack. The man proceeded to remove his own shoes, grab a box off the rack, and place his old ones inside and the new ones on his feet. The employee then watched as the man walked right out of the front door. The shoe bandit was detained in the parking lot.

TOO LATE!: Corrections department workers informed police that their hand-held police radio had been stolen over a year ago.

CONDIMENT CRIME: Two unknown persons threw a jar of mustard, a jar of pickles, and a jar of vinegar through someone's window one evening. The window panes were busted and the owner of the home doesn't know anyone who is mad at him.

SPOOKY THEFT: A woman left her car parked at a mortuary for fifteen minutes one evening. When she returned, her car had mysteriously vanished.

ASHES TO ASHES: Threat of the week: Your days are numbered, sucker! You're going to go to dust!

SIT. STAY. ROLL OVER.: Police responded to a call about a commercial break-in recently. When they entered the complex, they noticed the barbed wire on the top of the factory's fence had been cut. They then noticed that the lock on a nearby storage unit had been busted. Finally they noticed a white powdery substance on the floor of the storage unit and determined it was used to keep the factory's attack dogs at bay.

TEST ANXIETY: A student got mad at another student one day but took his anger out on the wrong person. Instead of confronting the classmate who had insulted him, the young man attacked his teacher by pinning her to a desk and slapping her in the face.

HOW DARE SHE!: A mother and daughter got into an argument one evening and the daughter did something so heinous that her mother had to call the police. What was her evil act? She intentionally smashed a coffee cup onto the floor!

THE PURLOINED LADDER: The homeowner's association of a local community contracted a man to do some siding work on one of their tenant's homes recently. The worker asked to borrow the tenant's 30-foot ladder so that he could get the job finished quickly. The tenant agreed, but never saw the worker or ladder again.

LOST HIS LUNCH: Neighbors became suspicious one evening when the house next to theirs, which had recently gone on sale, had its screen door ripped off. They immediately called the owner, who rushed over to find that unknown persons had broken off the doorknob but were unable to break into the house. The vandals, however, stole the man's lunchbox that he had left on said doorknob.

BUTT HEAD: An irate individual got into an argument with the cashier of a gas station one night. At the end of the heated debate, the angry man grabbed a plastic cigarette display and smashed it over the head of the cashier.

Blotter items are taken from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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