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CAN YOU RIP ME OFF NOW?: A man discovered recently that someone had stolen his checking account number to purchase a cell phone. Although calls were being made at his expense, the cell phone company wouldn't release any information in regard to who purchased the phone.

OBJECTION!: It's rare to see a lawyer lose his or her cool. That wasn't the case, however, when a lawyer went into a courtroom to handle a case. When she sat down, her chair collapsed, causing her to fall to the floor. She was visibly upset, and a reporting officer observed that the chair in question was completely destroyed.

SANTA OR SPIDER-MAN?: A woman's house was severely damaged when a culprit climbed up her chimney and proceeded to damage her flood lights, rip off all the shingles, and ruin the siding and the gutter. She also stated that the culprit smashed her front porch light and disabled her motion detector.

EVERYTHING BUT THE BIBLE: People always take something from a hotel room, whether it's soap, shampoo, towels, or mouthwash. One recent hotel guest upped the ante, however, by taking off with a table lamp, mirror, bedsheets, phone, and television.

OLD-FASHIONED LABOR DISPUTE: An employer called police to report a dispute between herself and four of her employees. She told police that they had told her they were quitting at the end of the day. However, when that time rolled around, they decided to stay put. She said that they were going to "take care of her." Police arrived on the scene before anything happened, and the woman plans to obtain warrants on her former employees.

HIGHLY FLAMMABLE: One foolish vandal must not have read the warning label on a can of spray paint, because he ran it through a gas clothes dryer at a laundromat. The can blew up and set fire to another clothes dryer and a vending machine. The walls and ceilings of the room were also damaged. The fire department responded to the explosion and extinguished the flames before they got out of control.

CLASHING APPAREL: A woman and her mother recently got into an argument over a scarf. When the argument became heated, mom's boyfriend got into the act and also began yelling. The mother went upstairs to escape the confrontation but her daughter and boyfriend continued. As the young woman reached for her cell phone, the guy grabbed her by the neck and choked her. He told her he was going to kill her, then opened the front door and tossed her violently onto the sidewalk. Over a scarf.

THAT'LL TEACH HER: After an argument, a woman told a man never to return to her home. He did, two days later, but said nothing to the woman, nor did he approach her. He simply walked up to a tree in her yard, cut off a limb, picked it up, and left. Perhaps it had their initials carved in it.

A MEMORABLE INSPECTION: A man was getting his car inspected when another man entered the garage bay and began threatening the inspector, saying he was going to kill the inspector for stealing his son's bicycle. The man in his car stated that the man who entered the garage was also yelling at other people as he walked away.

PAINFUL ALLOWANCE: When her son acted up the other day, a mother grabbed the boy's piggy bank and hit him over the head with it.

Blotter items are selected from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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